Super Balsa Wood Glider

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This popular long-time favourite is still a hit with kids today! Easy assembly and no glue required. Instructions included. Read More

Are Balsa Wood Gliders the Ultimate in Impulse?

If you are looking for a low cost, high return impulse range for your retail premises, then buying balsa wood gliders in bulk from Keycraft AU is the perfect move.

Keycraft is a globally recognised business that has grown from humble beginnings in a workshop in Scotland – and everything we know about what makes a fabulous toy is informed from our immersive love of fun and family values. For more than 40 years, we have distilled all the data and experience on how products, customers and environment combine to maximise profits for our retail customers – and created a range of brands and toys that will appeal to children and parents alike.

Parents and children want good value, fun toys that offer children the opportunity to learn – and a traditional, wholesome option that covers these points are balsa wood gilders – in bulk from Keycraft AU.

We Know the Science of Impulse

Buyer behaviour drives and habits have changed over time – understandably. However, having been part of the buyer process for more than 40 years we have developed knowledge and experience from data that has led us to adapt to the market with unique clarity – and share what works.

Through the knowledge, data and experience we have gained, we have turned low value and high-volume goods into high profits for retailers across our global network. We want to know who you are selling to, what your demographics are, and what your customers are looking for. Selling to children and getting their parents on board means utilising opportunities to create choice with genuine appeal.

For parents, an impulse purchase works when the toy is fun, engaging, and educational – and that is why balsa wood gliders in bulk are a perfect purchase. Appealing to tradition and nostalgia for parents and the natural inquisitiveness of children, making a glider is a popular appeal to a long-time favourite pastime – and these are easy assembly kits with no glue required that can be completed simply. Available at high volume and low price to retailers, our Suggested Retail Price (SRP) is set to make it possible for a 50% profit margin – or even more.

Balsa wood gliders, when bought in bulk, offer the distillation of the Science of Impulse for your retail environment.

Creative Options for Impulse Profit.

Keycraft AU is not just about providing low cost, high profit impulse toys. We also provide our knowledge in the form of Point of Sale (POS) installations, attractive packaging and instore presentations that attract consumers – adults and children alike.

For our customers, we offer a simple account application process that allows pre-approved 30-day terms on orders – and with no minimum order value, retailers can get deliveries despatched in as little as 48 hours. Minimum order quantity is just one Counter Display Unit (CDU), with free delivery on orders over $500.

Order balsa wood gliders in bulk from Keycraft AU and find out how this simple, traditional toy can make impulse Read Less