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Toy Wholesalers Perth WA

When it comes to importing, distributing and supplying pocket money toys, novelty toys, crafts and gifts, Keycraft are the leaders, innovators and experts. We may have started small in a workshop at the bottom of our inspiring founder Chris Cowie’s garden in 1974, but since then, we have massively expanded our client base.

We are changing the world with our specialised industry insights and quality toys and we’re proud to be the bulk toy wholesaler of choice for Perth, WA. That’s right; Keycraft AU is now supplying Perth retail businesses with toys that encourage impulse buying. We know how expensive retail space is in Australia so our job is to help you maximise your space and your profits with captivating displays and toys that sell. Read More

We Work With All Kinds Of Businesses In Perth

Imagine long hot summer days meandering around King’s park with one of our large magnifying glasses and insect explorer kits checking out all the incredible wildflowers in the botanical gardens. Or, having a casual throw about with a super cool flashing spikey air ball down at Cottesloe beach.

We are a B2B distributors and this means that we can help to give you interesting insights and incentives. Whether you have your own independent store, run a chain, have a corner of a gift shop in a museum or a boutique stall in the outskirts of town we aim for power profits and strong relations with our clientele.

Wholesale Toys With Fast Delivery in Perth WA

Keycraft understand the market. We follow social trends and mesh well with our diverse customer base. Premium brands are top priority and we source several wholesale toys in Perth WA. Here’s a small sample of what we have to offer:

  • Nurchums Elementos – A cutting edge exploding egg toy which teams with an augmented reality app sure to be a big hit with such a tech crazed country!
  • Living Nature – This soft toy range has such an intricate attention to detail both children and adults are bound to fall in love with. Since Australia is a country of such lush nature and wildlife our range of plush animals are sure to be a hit.
  • Gliders & Outdoors- Given that Aussies are notorious outdoorsy types, our range of gliders, parachute toys, planes and kites are quintessential for sunny days out.  
  • Australiana – From cute fluffy koala purses to bumper boxes and crocodile hand puppets, this range helps to celebrate all things Australian!
  • And many more (FLUFFiiES, FUMFINGS, LOLLIPUTTI, GOOBANDS, GOGOPO Stationery, Magnoidz, Majigg, Nurchums Hatch Eggs, Shrinkles and Sequin Art)

Get Amongst It!

What makes us so special at Keycraft is our outstanding ability to help our partners capitalise the toy and entertainment sector. We have worked hard on our concept of the science of impulse purchases. We offer the full clear picture- how to make the most of any retail space in any given setting.

We provide striking shop displays and strive to marvel wow, woo and impress our customers. We are dependable, despatching within 48 hours and promising a 50% gross margin. The fact that Keycraft started in a small Scottish town and is now covering all corners of the world shows that our experience and knowledge are simply invaluable.

Why not browse our collection and see the extraordinary quality of our wholesale toys? Any interest, question or query can be answered via email, telephone or on social media so please get in touch with us.

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