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Toy Wholesale Melbourne

Toys bring entertainment and help encourage a child’s imagination through play, and here at Keycraft, we specialise in creating and sourcing toys that children will love. Plus, we optimise impulse buying so that our retailers enjoy the highest profit margins. As toy wholesalers in Melbourne, you can look forward to working with a company that guarantees a 50% gross margin for our retail partners, and that is not all.

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Buy Wholesale Toys in Melbourne

There is plenty to be gained from working with Keycraft, and we work with all B2B retailers, including independent retailers or chains of toys and gifts. So, whether you are a high street retailer, a travel retailer, a tourist attraction, museum or travel retailer, we can provide you with the products you need.

The Magic of Toys

Great toys capture a child’s imagination, and toys have become a treasured part of childhood. At Keycraft, we appeal to a wide range of demographics, which means that you can stock goods that will appeal to many different buyers, helping to increase your profit margins.

We create all manner of toys, including soft fluffy toys, novelty gifts, crafts and stationery, and so much more. Our toys and gifts are created by looking into the current social trends for your target consumer market

As part of our science into impulse buying, we recognise that it is not just about the product itself but also about the way that it is displayed. When you buy your wholesale toys for your Melbourne business from us, we also provide you with a display solution. This helps to attract buyers to where the toys are located are and helps you to sell more goods.

This marketing strategy is combined with well-designed packaging that demonstrates the quality of the toys within, helping to encourage consumers to buy, rather than walk off and look elsewhere.

The products that your purchase wholesale from us will come with a realistic suggested retail price, and you can look forward to the ease of sale that our toys make. With Keycraft toys and gifts, your consumers can also look forward to hassle-free shopping trips and days out.

Buy from Keycraft Today and Experience the Joy of Our Toys

We know that the cost of your retail space is high, which is why you only want to stock products that are going to convert into sales that bring you profit. With Keycraft, we make your job easier, and you can outfit your shop with our quality range of goods.

When you spend over $500, you will also enjoy free delivery of the goods to your retail unit, complete with their display units, so you have everything ready to go. We send the items quickly, and they are dispatched within 48 hours.

We are, of course, here if you have any questions about any of our products or service, and you can get in touch with us by email or phone. Alternatively, we are on social media and LinkedIn too.

Shop with us today and experience the Keycraft difference.

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