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Slime Australia

Kids love slime! In the last few years, it has become a trending toy, and here at Keycraft, we have different types of slime that your young customers in Australia would love to get their hands on and play with.

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Slime for Sale in Australia

Keycraft is a toy wholesaler who specialises in helping you to encourage impulse buying from your consumers with our range of quality toys and gifts that are well-packaged and come complete with display solutions. We have bulk slime for sale, which means that you can bring your customers what they want, and you can benefit from the profits.

Why is Slippery Slime so Popular?

Slime is not just fun, but it also provides children with the sensory play that helps their development. They can be having fun and learning without even realising it! As they feel the slippery texture slip through their hands, it encourages many different senses, and it also helps to encourage creativity in the child as they use their slime imaginatively. As there is no one set way for playing with slime, imaginative play is key.

A slime kit will fit well into your retail space in Australia, and these kinds of pocket money toys are perfect for impulse buyers. Children can decide to spend their money on slime, and they will love to have what their friends have. Similarly, parents can give their children the slime and enjoy them being entertained, and they will also get an easier shopping trip! Our products always come with realistic suggested retail prices so that you can quickly put them up for sale and feel confident that they will sell.

Along with this, the range of slime products that we have means that we appeal to a wide demographic, so why not choose a selection to encourage your customers to buy?

Get Your Slime from Keycraft Today

If you are looking for slime for sale in Australia, look no further than Keycraft and give your consumers what they want. We will quickly send your items to you, and goods are dispatched within 48 hours. When you spend over $500, you can also have them delivered to your shop for free.

We guarantee you a 50% gross margin to our retail partners, which makes Keycraft an excellent partner to work with, and it means that you can buy from us worry-free.

Should you have any questions or want to find out more about our products, you can get in touch with us in multiple ways. Of course, we have email contact, or you can call us, and we are also available through our social media channels or LinkedIn. Do not forget to also sign up to our newsletter where we will keep you informed of all the latest news and any deals that we have on.

We look forward to creating a long-term partnership with you and helping you to see your profits grow.

Shop our slime products today, along with the many other quality toys and gifts that we stock.

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