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Shrinkles Crafts

Shrinkles Shrink Plastic Wholesale
Shrinkles are a timeless, classic craft activity enjoyed by children and their families. Enjoy hours of colouring and baking fun with Shrinkles Craft Kits! Simply colour in the pre-printed drawings, and with the help of an adult, cut them out and pop them in the oven. Watch in wonder as your drawings SHRINK 7 times smaller and thicker! Learn more about Shrinkles here
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Shrinkles - Crafting Fun for All the Family

Kids need to see creativity as a collaborative past-time. For many parents and children, crafting, painting or drawing is an important bonding experience that builds confidence when it comes to creative endeavours later on. That something this brand works with.

Our range of Shrinkles products will also make a fine addition to your front of store or point of sale. As high-quality, fun and eye-catching pocket money products, they’ll maximise your impulse sales potential and repeat buys. We’ve been selling carefully designed, beautifully packaged pocket money toys for well over forty years so we know a good product when we see it, as independent sellers, gift shops and supermarkets have found, and we think your customers are going to love these craft products.

Artistic and Collaborative

This retro toy asks kids and parents to exercise their artistic skills by drawing or colouring in pictures and baking them in the over. They will then shrink 7 times so they can be used as key fobs, magnets and jewellery. There is a range of popular designs in the range including:

  • Pets
  • Wildlife
  • Fantasy
  • Prehistoric
  • Farm
  • Fairytale
  • Bugs

It is a suitable activity for 7 to 11-year-olds but is best supervised by adults because of the baking element of the product.

The Science of Impulse: Why Shrinkles will Fly Off the Shelves

We’re advocates of intelligent sales techniques and branding. We call it The Science of Impulse and it’s an ethos we’re keen to share with all our clients. That’s why when you buy a product, it’s not just the toy you’ll receive, you’ll also get:

  • Gorgeously designed packaging - made for safe transit and maximum visual impact.
  • Bold, eye-catching displays - that includes sturdy display units, stunning artwork and clear, impactful signage and text. A desirable feature of Shrinkles is the end result of the activity, and you might want to make up a couple for display purposes at your point of sale!
  • Excellent advice on display location and space - we’ve spent forty years helping businesses curate their shop displays to maximise sales and we’re keen to help you too!

In addition to all this, we’re proud to guarantee at least 50% gross margin on items sold at our suggested retail price. We don’t impose any minimum order values on our service, we only ask that you buy at least one counter display unit. For those orders that exceed $500, we offer free shipping to your store and we strive to have all our orders dispatched within 48 hours!

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You can start learning a bit more about the Science of Impulse and our unique insights into pocket money toys and sales by taking a look at our blog. We’re also on most social media channels and there is a library of case studies on our global website, so you can see how we’ve helped retailers all over the world.

Place your order right now by requesting a login, filling in our online application for an account or chatting with us via our online chat client. We’re ready to take your emails and direct messages and we’re also standing by for your call if you need further guidance or advice on how to order. Make your order today and your new stock will be with you before you know it!

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