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Magnoidz & Discovery

Magnoidz Science Kits, Toys and Gadgets
Magnoidz is our Science and Discovery brand, featuring an exciting range of interactive kits designed to intrigue young minds and develop curiosity. Exploring a range of scientific disciplines such as chemistry, physics and geology, these educational activities are fun, engaging and easy to use. Competitively priced, they make an excellent entry-point into the more complex science toy sector.
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Magnoidz - For Inquisitive Young Minds

One of the biggest challenges a toy seller faces is the demand for educational toys. Sometimes they can be more fun than educational, while others can be very dull and more suited to the classroom than the playroom. Nowhere is this more evident than with educational science kits.

Our selection of Magnoidz makes a fantastic, scientific addition to our impulse buy collection. They are beautifully designed, made of high-quality materials, and are beautifully packaged, making them ideal for your POS or front of store. We’ve got forty years of experience in the selection and distribution of pocket money toys, and have supplied shops all over the world, so we know a good toy when we see one. We’re sure your customers will find these fun, interactive and irresistible!

Educational Science Kits

Aimed at kids between 6 and 14, these kits are a fun way for parents to introduce the basics of science without sending them to sleep. They are designed to cover basic chemistry, biology, and physics without it getting too messy. Kits include but aren’t limited to:

  • Erupting Volcanoes
  • Lie Detectors
  • Night Sky Projectors
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Dinosaur Excavation
  • Geology

These kits are an innovative way of getting kids interested in the sciences. They can engage with wildlife with microscopes, make their own make-up, or marvel at the secrets of the universe with our gravity-defying Newtonian gadgets. What’s more, they are competitively priced and easy to enlist when it comes to repeat sales.

Retail Experience

We’re experts when it comes to customer psychology, and we’ve boiled down our offer into one phrase: ‘The Science of Impulse’. That means when you buy a product from us you are not just getting a toy but a service. This includes:

  • Eye-catching packaging - colourful, kid-friendly designs.
  • Beautiful display solutions - our display units high-volume and designed to fit in. seamlessly with the product with bold signage and text. Our standard display unit for this product is a fully stocked gondola unit, which contains the entire range of Magnoidz.
  • Advice on display and shop space - we’re keen to offer you the best chance of sales. When you buy from us you’re also enlisting our support as sales psychology experts.

We guarantee a 50% gross margin on our products sold at our suggested retail price. We have no minimum order value either so you can buy just one counter display unit to start with to see how it goes. We also offer free shipping for orders over $500 direct to your store, and all our orders are typically dispatched within 48 hours.

Order your Science Kits Today!

You can learn more about how we utilise insights from the Science of Impulse in our brands on our blog. You can also find links to our social media feeds and over on our global website you can find case studies of where we’ve helped businesses in the past.

Ordering your science kits is a straightforward process. Simply request a login or fill in our credit application. You can also chat with us online now, email, direct message, or pick up the phone and call us. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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