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Living Nature

Living Nature™ is our premium soft toy brand.

Our exclusive soft toy range is all about embracing the wonder of nature. These beautifully crafted and realistically detailed plush toy animals, not only bring joy and comfort to children, but also share with them some of nature’s amazing wildlife secrets.

Designed to delight and educate children and adults alike, we pay particular attention to detail to ensure our soft toys are as realistic as possible; most feature a swing tag showing facts about the animal’s behaviour, habitat and diet.

As of 2020, we are proud to say that the stuffing inside each of these soft toys will be made of recycled plastic.  Each toy will carry a tag that states how much plastic has been put back to good use.

Soft plush Lop eared rabbits in Living Nature brand

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Living Nature Soft Toys - Inspired by Wildlife

For both kids and adults, the natural world is endlessly fascinating. Ever since the invention of the teddy bear, kids have had the next best thing to getting up close to the world’s most iconic creatures. That’s why we’ve selected a brand that is not only educational but also realistic.

As an exclusive distributor of Living Nature soft toys, you’ll find them perfectly designed to maximise your impulse sales and repeat buys, along with comfort, quality and beautiful design. We’ve been selecting and selling high-quality pocket money toys for over forty years and are pleased to have supplied shops in a wide variety of settings from all over the world with quality, fun toys. Whether you are a high street retailer, independent toy seller or a gift shop in a tourist attraction, we’re sure your customers will love Living Nature toys.  

Plush Toys by Living Nature

Designed for children of all ages (and some adults!) Living Nature plush toys are the perfect all-round impulse purchase. They are excellent for kids who have an affinity for nature, are after a pet or just need something to cuddle as they sleep. They make wonderful gifts, and the realistic detail and responsibly sourced materials make them well placed for adults as well.

They come in many different categories, including:

  • Wildlife
  • Farm
  • Hand Puppets
  • Prehistoric
  • Woodland
  • Pets

Despite being a plush toy, they have an educational element to them as well. Along with super realistic design features, many of them come with a swing tag which relates key facts about each animal, such as habitat, behaviour and diet. It also carries information on the recycled content of each toy.

Wide Range of Display Units for Your Plush Toys

At our core, we are a business that values and understands consumer psychology. We like to call it The Science of Impulse. When you buy our products, you are buying our expertise too, so aside from the items themselves you’ll have:

  • Bold, beautifully designed packaging - crafted to be kid-friendly and tactile.
  • Gorgeous display units - we offer a range of display solutions with every product, including eye-catching signage and text. Living Nature toys come with a wide range of display options suited to your shop and the range you choose. Choose from tower displays, gondolas or brown and white crates.
  • Retail space advice - we offer you the benefit of our expertise and forty years of understanding when it comes to your shop space and how to make it work.

If you sell at our suggested retail price, we guarantee a 50% gross margin at a minimum. There’s no minimum order value - we only ask that you buy at least one counter display unit. If your order exceeds $500, we’ll throw in shipping to the store absolutely free and typically we will dispatch your stock in 48 hours.

Order Plush Toys from Living Nature in Australia Today!

We’ve got loads of advice to share on how to best sell your toys on our blog. You can find out more about the Science of Impulse on the blog or our social media feeds. You can also find out how we’ve helped retailers all over the world on the case studies section of our global website.

You can make your order with us in a matter of minutes. Simply request a login from us and we’ll get one out to you right away. You can also make an account application or chat with us through our chat client, direct message us, email or pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ve love to hear from you and help you make the best return on your Living Nature plush toys!

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