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Nurchums Hatch Eggs

Nurchums Hatching Eggs
A colourful, wacky brand full of toys for kids to nurture and love. Nurchums hatch, grow, expand and morph; with colourful themes including; Dinosaur, Unicorn, Fairy, Mermaid... there is a surprise egg to delight every child.
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Nurchums Hatch Egg - Collectable, Evolving, Fun!

For decades, kids have loved the tactile nature of hatch egg toys. Looking after these toys is a wonderful way of developing patience and care and is genuinely fascinating for kids as they watch the hatching process. In the past, there has been a limited appeal to some toys of this nature but happily, we’ve got a brand that is both collectable, competitively priced, and engaging.

We’re very pleased to introduce you to the Nuchums Hatch Egg range of collectable toys. They are interactive, high-profit impulse toys, perfectly designed, and priced to maximise your sales. As a distributor of quality pocket money products for more than forty years, we’ve been happy to provide shops and retailers all over the world with fun, eye-catching toys for a wide range of demographics. If you are a tourist attraction gift shop, independent toy seller or high street retailer, your customers will love Nurchums.

Developing a Bond

One of the best things about these toys is that they develop a natural sense of compassion in kids. They are suitable for kids between 6 to 12 and are available in a number of categories. Our standard range covers a few different genres, including dinosaurs, mermaids and fantasy creatures. Some of the eggs that are available in these ranges are:

  • Triceratops
  • T-Rex
  • Stegosaurus
  • Mermaids
  • Elves
  • Crocodiles
  • Flamingos
  • Plus many more...

Along with developing a sense of nurturing and the fascination of watching something develop, these eggs are excellent for getting kids interested in nature, storytelling or archaeology. We also have a range of eggs which utilise smart technology called Elementos, where not only do the eggs hatch but can be used as part of Augmented Reality games.

Retail and Merchandising

We’re passionate about customer psychology and what entices a customer to pick up an item. We call it The Science of Impulse and we’re keen to share the benefit of our insights with all our clients. When you order from us you’ll get:

  • Carefully crafted packaging - made to be both hard-wearing and eye-catching.
  • Bold and exciting displays - freestanding, colourful units with clear, inviting signage and text. We send Nurchums out with high volume floor standing units designed in line with whatever theme you have selected.
  • Expert advice from our team - all of us are keen to work with our clients to get the best out of their displays and shop space.

We also have a suggested retail price which, should you choose to adopt it, will yield at least a 50% gross margin on your sales. You can order any value you like, as long as it is at least one counter display unit and if you order over $500 worth of stock we’ll throw in the shipping to your store for free. If you order today we’ll typically dispatch it within 48 hours!

Order Your Egg Hatch Toys Today!

If you want to read a little more on how we use the Science of Impulse, check out the blog on our website or take a look at our social media feeds. If you go onto our global website, you’ll also find case studies of businesses from all over the world who have had a lot of success with our products.

Order your Nurchums hatching egg today by simply requesting a login on our site or filling in our credit application form. You can chat with us now on our dedicated chat client, email, direct message or call us now and we’ll happily take you through the details of our catalogue!

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