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GOGOPO™ is our impulse lifestyle collectables brand, ranging from stationery to slime.

There is a fantastic range of colourful impulse collectables under the GOGOPO brand: GOGOPO™ novelty stationery; Gooballz™, gooey meshballs; Goobands™, slime and wristbands; and GOOSHAKES, make your own slime.

GOGOPO - designed uniquely for tweens and teens.

To see the full range of GOGOPO collections visit:-

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Gogopo - Cute and Collectable

This is a brand well known for creating colourful and innovative collectables. There’s a distinct style to each product in this brand that makes it especially valued by kids that love to have something unique, whether it is an item of stationery or a stuffed toy.

We’re proud to offer you Gogopo items asa high quality, interactive range of pocket money toys perfectly crafted to catch the eye and inspire impulse buys and repeat sales. We’ve been in business for over forty years, and in that time we’ve supplied a wide array of shops with high-quality products. Whether you are a toy shop, gift shop or high street retailer we’re sure that your customers won’t be able to resist them.

Massive Variety of Items

The entire brand is suitable for kids from age 4 to 14 and anyone who likes collecting things. They are one of the fastest-growing brands in our global toy market and there’s no sign of them slowing down. They cover all kinds of impulse buy products including:

  • Fluffies - a range of fluffy, squishy unicorns designed for maximum comfort, stress relief for kids and bright, bold colours and a keyring so they can be attached to school backpacks.
  • Peek-A-Pom - fluffy, reversible pom-poms with a surprise animal hiding inside, they come in three categories: Pets, Safari and Fantasy.
  • Fruit Crusho’s - crushable characters made to relieve stress and all shaped and scented to mimic various fruit.
  • Gooballz Meshballs - novelty slime in a mesh keyring, these come in a variety of colours and can be attached by a carabiner to a backpack.

There are countless varieties within these categories and the others not mentioned here. The sheer scope and popularity of range mean that you have a high likelihood of sale with each item and repeat sale as well. 

Why GOGOPO are a Great Product for Your Store

We’re big believers in consumer psychology and branding strategy that works. We call it The Science of Impulse, and we’re keen to share our insights with all of our clients and partners. When you buy our products, you’ll also get:

  • Beautifully designed packaging - crafted to be robust and tactile with bold and kid-friendly visuals.
  • High-quality displays - made to withstand high volumes of stock with gorgeous artwork and clear, enticing text and signs. To match the wide range of products on offer with this brand there are some extraordinary displays we can provide, all with high volume capacity, not to mention shelf talkers and posters.
  • Expert guidance on display and space - we’re always keen to share the benefit of our experiences with both small and large retail units and can help you maximise your sales potential.

We can guarantee at least 50% gross margin on any item you sell at our suggested retail price. We have no minimum order value - we just ask that you order at least one counter display unit. If you place an order over $500 we’ll chuck in the shipping for free, and regardless of your order size, we’ll usually have it ready for dispatch in 48 hours.

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We’ve got loads of insights and experience to share when it comes to the Science of Impulse, so take a look at our blog or connect with us via our social media portals. We’ve also got a large library of case studies for you to take a look at if you want to see what our offers have done for businesses all over the world.

You can start ordering your Gogopo right now by simply filling in an account application form, requesting a login or chatting with us via our dedicated chat client. You can also email us or even call us right now and we’ll be keen to guide you through the order process and have your stock with you in a matter of days!

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