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Bulk Crayons Australia

At Keycraft we believe in the vibrancy, imagination and joy of colour. We incorporate brightness into everything we do and aim to sell wholesale toys which are not only practical and highly usable but also, bold and cheerful. Go all out on a glitzy galore of stationery and order all creative tools because these products are sure to be stable bestsellers with your customers.

Wax with colours has its origins in Ancient Egypt and Renaissance artist Leonardo de Vinci graced his works with the trusty pastel in the fifteenth century. Nowadays, crayons are essentials in every child’s pencil case. We encourage and see the artistic magic locked in these little wax wands.

This is why we think you should bulk buy crayons not only to lighten up your stationery section but also, your profit sheets. Read More

Go Colour Crazy With Keycraft’s Bulk Buy Crayons

There’s a reason we stop and marvel over this natural phenomenon no matter our age. We are attracted to and fascinated by colour. Our eyesight has unbelievable powers that allow us to admire, take in and appreciate the beautiful world around us.

Therefore, how can we possibly underestimate the value of items such as crayons. Despite being a standard stationary staple, crayons make the perfect impulse toy for the following reasons:

Kid’s Crayons & The Power Of Impulse Buying

  • Imaginative art aids - They bring pictures to life, unleashing children’s thoughts and feelings, allowing them to explore their creative side and be experimental. Moreover, they are not just for early years, budding artists and professionals can use them to add texture and vivacity to their artwork too.
  • Learn through colour - Association is a massive part of our brain’s development. There is an intrinsic link between colour and our sense of recognition. Consequently, crayons are an educational instrument too.
  • No mess - Forget the horrors of scrubbing the walls after a rampant toddler scribbling session of permanent markers, ferocious felt tips or pesky paints. Crayons are easily washable, soft style colours. They are not toxic and blunt so safe and hassle free! Parents will always choose crayons over markers for their small kids.

We have stationery, merchandise and novelty toys that will allow you to maximise your sales and grow your bottom line. With us, you can bulk buy crayons here in Australia and we’ll get your order out to you within 48 hours!

Colour Yourself Happy With Kid’s Wholesale Crayons

Our company channels family fun and happy energy; ultimately, we value quality time. Quality time handling business in a dependable, reliable way and for our customers to have quality time with their friends and families with our products.

All the while, you, our clients reap the benefits. Don’t be left in the dark; let us bring you a positive, colourful outlook with our specialised impulse purchasing opportunities. We can paint you a picture-perfect display. Our four decades of industry experience will flood you with sunny strategies to propel the direction of your store forward.

If you’re interested in our brands or want further information don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available over the phone, on social media and via email too.

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