What Toys Are Trending in 2021?

What Toys Are Trending in 2021?

Anticipating the latest trends is a must for any retailer as the need to ensure you have enough stock of the right products is becoming increasingly important. This is particularly true for toy retailers due to the fluctuations in the market. 

Major Influences on the Latest Toy Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant influence on toy buying in Australia. As a result of lockdowns, parents have spent more time at home rather than working, which has enabled them to play with their children more but also adversely affected their income. The situation has also increased the trend of online buying, which means that traditional retailers have to fight even harder for their share of the business.

Changes in buying trends are in accordance with several themes. These are:

  • A need for affordable toys as financial pressures affect family budgets. As a result, people are looking for affordable versions of well-known brands and are also aiming to pay by instalments where possible so they can spread the cost.
  • Retro toys that remind parents of their childhood, the trend resulting from those parents playing with their children more. Because of this, toys from the 1980s are making a comeback. Browse our Majigg range to see our wooden & retro products!
  • Outdoor toys are a consequence of parents spending more time outside with their children during periods of lockdown. Bicycles, scooters and trampolines have made a big resurgence as a result. See our outdoor & play range here
  • Gadgets and tech toys continue to be popular, especially those that involve interaction with others. The emphasis has switched more towards those that help with development and learning.
  • Australian-inspired or themed toys have become more popular.

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