Top 10 Gadgets for an Online Store in 2021

Top 10 Gadgets for an Online Store in 2021

From digital gizmos to innovative takes on old inventions, a good stock of gadgets is a sure way to keep revenue flowing in your online toy store. Kids and adults love to play with technology and mechanical devices, especially if they present something new and surprising. 

In this article, we shared ten examples of interesting and fun gadgets you might like to sell from your online store.

Explorer Walkie Talkies

Walkie-talkies are a great way of introducing children to communications. These, in particular, are fun and durable with flexible antennae and an interphonic system allowing kids to communicate in safety.

Magnoidz Plasma Ball

Not all gadgets will have immediate use – some of them just look cool! This plasma ball will get kids interested in science and offer them an interesting way to light their rooms. Adults might enjoy it, too, as a statement piece in the living room or study!

Nurchums Elementos

Not only are these hatching eggs toys a fun, collectable series of diverse characters and creatures, but they make great use of augmented reality, allowing them to engage with app technology in an interesting way.

Wild Watches

Kids generally don't have much of a sense of urgency or timekeeping, but who can blame them when there is such a lack of interesting timepieces made for them. These wild watches are a fun, colourful way for them to keep time and furthermore engage with some of their favourite animals!


One of the things that bother parents about smartphones is that the kids might not engage with the world when they have them. This little gadget is a brilliant way for them to both use their phones and engage with things under the microscope in a fun but educational way.

Magnoidz Magnetic Sand Timer

Sometimes, gadgets ought to have a sense of the mystical about them. This magnetic sand timer builds unique and interesting sculptures as it counts down the minutes. Perfect for teenagers or adults looking for a statement gadget for their room.

Magnoidz Lie Detector

This lie detector kit, though not likely to find its way into an interrogation room, is nevertheless a fun and interesting way for kids of school age to safely engage with science at home. It'sIt's full of informative guidance and built to be used by ages six and up, so parents need not worry about dangerous electric currents. 

Night Sky Projector

This is a brilliant way for kids to create a sense of wonder in their bedrooms as they drift off to sleep. It projects realistic space patterns on the bedroom ceiling without being too bright and keeping everyone awake!

Bendy Booklight Man

Great for bedtime book lovers, this unique book light will make a firm friend for any late-night scholars who want to read in the dark!


These unique and unusual pens can make the act of writing lots of fun both in the classroom and at home. Kids (or adults) who can engage with the tools needed for literacy are more likely to excel at it.

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