Opportunities for Impulse Sales in your retail space this Christmas

Opportunities for Impulse Sales in your retail space this Christmas

Opportunities for Impulse Sales in your retail space this Christmas

On the back of the success of our Nurchums Elf Hatching Eggs during Christmas 2018, key retailers are requesting them again.

Here’s some of the feedback that we got last year;

Nurchums Elf Hatching Eggs add ‘an experience’ to kids toys at Christmas.”   T.H. Picton NSW

The collect-ability worked really well in our retail space – we’re always looking to give our customer reasons to ‘multi-buy’”   L.H. Brisbane QLD

I’ll be including Nurchums Elf Hatching Eggs again – they really complimented the rest of our Christmas range.”   C.B.  Tropical FRNQ

I’ve had Keycraft products for years.   I don’t always find it the cheapest, but the sell-thru and the GP is most important to me.   And I haven’t found a better performing range.”  D.L.  Pakenham VIC


Take advantage of the opportunity for more profit thru impulse sale of Nurchums Elf Hatching Eggs, in your retail space this season.   You’re guaranteed of a minimum of 50% GP with all Keycraft ranges.

Display stands are designed to enhance sell-thru.   Invest in a stand for your Nurchums Elf Hatching Eggs and enjoy a minimum of 55% GP.


There are 4 Nurchums Elves to collect – Flake, Tinsel, Berry and Buddy.   Watch them grow, expand and morph – creating a bonding experience inducing a sense of responsibility and compassion.


              Nurchums Elf hatch eggs collect all 4


Children engage with the concept of Nurchums from the outset and enjoy nurturing their development as the toys transition through different stages.

Our Nurchums range is exciting, hands-on and is ever growing and expanding like the eggs hatching really!  Currently our range includes Elf, Fantasy, Dinosaur, and Mermaid themes.

Click here for elf hatching eggs

Click here to visit our full Nurchums range  


We’ve previously struggled to meet demand for Nurchums Elf Hatching Eggs, and December 2019 is not looking to be any different.   Orders need to be placed by the second week in October to guarantee delivery.

Make the most of every inch of your retail space and capitalise on Christmas shopping with these charming elf helpers! 

Available in CDUs of 6.   Or purchase 12 dozen and receive a 10% discount, plus a specially designed stand for displaying your Nurchum Elf Hatching Eggs (valued at $149) absolutely free of charge.


Nurchums elf eggs display stand