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Melbourne Toy Fair

crushos goo world magnet mates Melbourne Toy Fair new products news puppet pals SMOLS

Here we are!

So excited to be launching such a great new range of products this year! 

  • Smols - cute& cuddly plush animals in a squishable size
  • Puppet pals - plush puppets in lots of animal styles
  • Crushos - squishy fruity friends
  • Peek a poms - pet and pom-pom in one
  • Magnet mates -  long armed animals that will aways give you a hug
  • Goo world - new crazy gooey stuff
  • Eco Stuff - new range eco products that are brandable...

How awesome is that !?  As well as an amazing new merry-go-round stand to display Keycraft product and create that wow factor in your store!

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