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Introducing The Living Nature range

eco friendly Living Nature plush toys recycled product soft toy

Living Nature™ is a premium soft toy brand, offering retailers a high-quality product, with industry leading realism, at a price point that maximises impulse purchase and retailer margins.

Our exclusive soft toy brand is all about embracing the wonder of nature. These beautifully crafted and realistically detailed plush toy animals, not only bring joy and comfort to children, but also share with them some of nature’s amazing wildlife secrets.
Designed to delight and educate children and adults alike, we pay particular attention to detail to ensure our soft toys are as realistic as possible; most feature a swing tag showing facts about the animal’s behaviour, habitat and diet.

We are also excited to announce that we've taken major steps to create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly difference with the Living Nature soft toy animal brand.
As of January 2020, stock will be arriving into our warehouses of soft toy animals whose stuffing is made from Recycled Post-Consumer PET plastic, which is most commonly used in plastic bottles and food containers.
Customers will start to see these tags (pictured above) attached to our Living Nature soft toys with a new fun fact! They'll be able to see approximately how much recycled PET plastic there is in each soft toy, measured in terms of 500ml plastic bottles.

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