Best Toys to Sell Online in 2021

Best Toys to Sell Online in 2021

Undoubtedly, the last eighteen months has been an era of change for many people. Some will have had to get used to new methods of work, and many have found new ways of making a little extra cash. If you belong to the latter group, you may have discovered the wonderful world of online toy retail!

It can be a great deal of fun trying to discover what will sell best through trial and error, but you may want a little guidance in what kind of thing will sell best. Here are seven categories of toy that you might want for your online shop.


Technology can encourage a child to engage with the world around them in new and interesting ways. For online retailers, this opens up all kinds of possibilities, and you should be ready to harness the power of interactive, technological toys like our Magnoidz collection.


For some kids, it is not necessarily the toy itself that is so compelling, as is evidenced by the trend for 'unboxing’ videos online. Children always love the anticipation of a good surprise! As an e-commerce business, you can capitalize on this with stock of surprising toys like our Nurchums Elementos.


Times of uncertainty and confusion has sparked the ever-growing trend for buying soft toy animals. In fact, enthusiasm for all things wildlife and based on the natural world are only likely to increase as parents and children alike become more conscious of environmental issues. For online retailers, this is a secure market with items like our Living Nature, or ecoStuff ranges continuing to sell very well.


Not all gift buyers for children will be looking at technology or current trends for inspiration, though. Many look back to either their own childhoods or toys of yesteryear to find their favourites. Fortunately, you won't have to pay antique prices for vintage toys as there are great sellers in our Majigg Retro range, offering classic toys at affordable prices.


Kids have always loved toys and items which can offer them a sense of self, and most often, these take the form of collectibles. Whether it is the opportunity to engage with other children by trading items or a chance to exhibit their collection in the room, these kinds of toys always prove popular. Whether it is something tactile and dinky like our Gogopo Crushos or something that can be displayed and admired like our Nurchums Hatching Eggs, collectibles will always be on-trend.

Family Friendly Games

For many, the last year will have been a time of coming together and family fun. There is nothing more likely to bring families together than games and toys that can be shared by the whole family. What is great about games like our Clockwork Fishing Game or our Magnetic Dartboard are that they require no specialist knowledge and can involve everyone from toddlers to grandparents.

Tacticles & Creatives

One final but very important category of toys are those that engage both the senses and imaginations of children. There has always been a huge market for such toys, now viewed by parents not just as toys but as critical tools in child development. Hands-on, artistic and tactile crafts like our Paper Making Kit and our Lolliputti Putty Pops will make a very popular item on your e-commerce site.

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