6 Merchandising tips for Retailers - Increase the sales in your store

6 Merchandising tips for Retailers - Increase the sales in your store

6 Merchandising tips for Retailers - Increase the sales in your store

6 Merchandising Tips to increase sales in your store.

       “Research has shown that when shoppers feel nothing, they do nothing. They default into I don’t care mode and fall back to price, convenience, and a distaste for the work involved in shopping.”

                                                                                   Bob Phibbs

                                                                                   The Retail Doctor


Set the scene. Customers need to feel smart; help them with clearly defined areas and good signage. Incorporate attention grabbing signs, slogans or quotes, give visual cues and evoke your customers imagination and curiosity beyond what they came into your store for. Lead them unconsciously through your store showing them all the wonderful things you have to offer.


Boring retail will start to pay dearly (if it hasn’t already). Premium products and bespoke shopping experiences will be essential to stay ahead of the game.


Make it easy.  Grouping products that go together help the customer by reminding them what else they may need – more socks or replacement shoelaces with a new pair of shoes.  Sunscreen, sunhats and sunglasses with a new swimsuit.  Batteries of all sizes near the electronic toys.  This also saves the shopper time not having to go and find the item elsewhere in the store.  Train your staff to ask the customer that is buying a product that needs batteries – “Do you need batteries today?”.  The added benefit to you?  The average cart value goes up.

Encourage interactivity.  The experience stays far longer in the affections of an emotionally and physically engaged shopper than the price they paid.  Make your customer feel very welcome – at least smile and greet them while they are in your store!  Create areas for entertainment, interactivity, education and enjoyment within your store.  Maybe a bench to sit down on with some books to read. Or a table with some product samples for people to touch, try, feel and hold.   

      An activity that grabs the attention and encourages them to participate in (ie a bowling challenge)– toy and sport stores have extensive scope for this. If the product can be used outside the store – what if there was provision to “try before you buy” ?   What can you do to enliven the shopping experience in your store?



Appeal to ALL the senses.  People have 5 senses, not just one. Displays need to be visually appealing, but they can go much further than that. And visual isn’t just the arrangements of product on the shelves. Colour can be used for psychological triggering, lighting for mood creation or highlighting a product. Signage, positioning, balance, and focus also contribute to the visual experience.

    Silent stores are unwelcoming places. Be governed by the sounds that your ideal customers would appreciate though, not your latest favourite pop song or whatever your newest employee likes. It will have a subtle but profound effect on the behaviour of your customer. 

      Believe it or not, the smell of your store can also influence your customer.  Smell is processed by the part of the brain that also controls emotion and memory.  If your store smells distasteful, be rest assured your visitors won’t forget! 

     Cater for the spacial sense (proprioception) of your visitors by creating clearly defined areas and avoiding cluttered spaces and squishy traffic paths. Overbearing clutter will block creative thinking and scatter the thought processes.

Sustainability has become the centre of change in order to keep our earth as healthy as possible.  Offering eco friendly products is no longer an option – it is an expectation.  Selecting products that can be recycled and products that contain recycled content will show your company to be an eco-friendly one.  The ban of plastic bags is also spreading to smaller retail areas not just big supermarkets. Be ahead of the game and provide trendy but cost-effective alternatives.

Know your target market.  Inside and out.  This is one of the most underestimated and underrated marketing tool.   It goes above and beyond the general demographic data.   Who are you appealing to?  What are their habits and behaviours?  Go deep with this – the deeper your insights the better you can serve your customers and the more profitable your venture will become.

 Be ready to step outside the box, outside the comfort zone, to be daringly different. To not change in a rapidly changing world is a dangerous situation to be in.  Retail is evolving, and the survival of retail stores will depend on the ability to adapt and embrace new ideas.  While it may not be possible for your store to take on all these tips, even just one may make all the difference to your bottom line for this year!

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